Simple Bakery Pudding with golden caramel

Ingredients :

1 cup of sugar, granulated

half a cup of water

half a cup of heavy cream

2-Tbsps unsalted butter 

Salt shaker

Préparations :

you like.

While the aforementioned dish is a traditional take on bread pudding with golden caramel, the possibilities for adaptation are practically limitless. Some alternatives to think about are these:

Experiment with various flavorings like almond extract, rum, or orange zest to give the pudding base a distinctive spin.

Add some crunch and flavor to your pudding by topping it with chopped nuts like pecans or almonds before baking.

Fresh Fruit Compote: To balance the thick caramel sauce, serve the pudding with a side of fruit compote or a dab of whipped cream.

In summary

Final thoughts: if you’re looking for a traditional dessert that will never go out of style, try some golden caramel on top of some plain bread pudding. A dessert that is sure to satisfy every pallet, this dish features a creamy custard foundation, crunchy bread cubes, and a lavish caramel topping. Bakery pudding with golden caramel is an enchanting dessert that will be the talk of the town, whether you’re serving it as a warm winter night treat or the dessert course to a special occasion. This lovely dessert is the perfect way to spoil yourself and those you care about with a little bit of luxury.

Enjoy !

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