Smothered Chicken with Creamed Spinach Bacon And Mushrooms

Ingredients :

Chicken:1 tablespoon butter1.5 lb chicken breast skinless, boneless (4 small chicken breast or 2 large chicken breast, halved)salt¼ teaspoon lemon pepper seasoning¼ teaspoon paprikaCreamed spinach:1 tablespoon vegetable oil10 oz spinach fresh4 garlic cloves minced⅔ cup half and half⅔ cup mozzarella cheese shreddedOther Ingredients:1 tablespoon vegetable oil4 oz mushrooms sliced4 slices bacon cooked, chopped4 slices Pepper Jack cheese or Monterey Jack Cheese with Jalapenos

Préparations :

Preheat the stove to 375 F.Spread the lower part of the baking dish (I utilized an oval goulash dish estimated 13 inches x 9 inches x 4 inches down).Liberally season chicken bosoms on the two sides with salt, lemon pepper preparing and a limited quantity of paprika. Place the chicken bosoms, level side down, into the lubed baking dish and heat for 15-20 minutes at 375 F.Instructions to make creamed spinach:Meanwhile, heat 1 tablespoon vegetable oil in a huge skillet on medium intensity. Add spinach and cook for just 1 or 2 minutes, covered, until the spinach is completely warmed through and begin to shrivel. Eliminate from heat. Add minced garlic and creamer. Bring to bubble. Add destroyed mozzarella cheddar and continue to mix, on high intensity, until mozzarella cheddar begins to soften – around 30 seconds. Lessen intensity to stew and continue to mix until you have a pleasant, smooth creamed spinach – around 30 seconds or 1 more moment. Season with salt as you would prefer. Eliminate from heat.Cook mushrooms:In a different dish, heat 1 tablespoon vegetable oil. Add cut mushrooms and cook on high-medium intensity for 1-2 minutes until mushroom caramelize. Try not to salt mushrooms or it will forestall the caramelization.Covered chicken get together:Eliminate the chicken bosoms from the broiler (you prepared them for 15-20 minutes). Top every chicken bosom with the creamed spinach, slashed cooked bacon, cooked mushrooms and broken cuts of pepper jack cheddar. Prepare in the broiler, uncovered for 15-20 additional minutes, until chicken is cooked through, presently not pink in the middle, and the juices run clear. Sear for the last 2-4 minutes, assuming that ideal, being mindful so as not to consume the cheddar on top.Enjoy !

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